"When I heard about this project I knew I HAVE TO participate in it! I knew I had to challenge myself to do this, just had to. We´ve been watching Top Model (USA) for soooo many seasons now with my kids, it looks so easy to get a good this was extremely fun to try out what it´s really is like. I did find out pretty quickly that posing isn´t easy at all, just a simple pose was hard work :) You really have to put your soul into this, otherwise the photo´s don´t turn out that good at all. But, I loved it !!! This was my moment of glory (since I´ve never even been married...) somebody did my make-up, my hair, told me what to wear... The team really made me look good and the were lots of fun to work with. Thank you for having me and guess what, I love the photo of myself. :)"

Swimsuit Design by Timo Rissanen